What’s the Name of Fake Leather?

The name “faux leather” comes from the French language and means “made without the use of animal skin.” Faux leather is made of either synthetic or natural materials and is also water-resistant. The most common synthetic material is PVC, which is a polyurethane material. Another name for faux leather is “pleather”, which is made of plastic.

What’s the Name of Fake Leather?

The fake leather has a distinctive smell. It smells like chemicals and usually has a paper-like or fabric backing. While some fake leathers may be smooth and shiny, real leather has natural imperfections. You can also tell the difference between real and fake by checking the backside of the material.

What's the Name of Fake Leather?

To make fake leather, manufacturers must process a base textile, which is then covered with plastic material. Plastics like PVC are made by combining petroleum and salt. In the process, chlorine is created through electrolysis vintageleather PU leather. It is combined with ethylene to form vinyl chloride monomers, which are then converted into polymers. The plasticizers used in fake leather production are added to the base fabric and make the plastic adhere to it.

Another type of leather imitation is called leatherette. This type is similar to synthetic leather but has a more artificial feel. The backing is made of fabric, while the surface has a grainy texture. PU and PVC leather are two types of fake leather.

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