What’s Behind the Jets’ Resurgence?

What’s behind the Jets’ resurgence? Here are three factors to consider. The first is the defense. Gase and his defensive coordinator, Jerome Bush, have credited the defense for the team’s success in the red zone. Bush is a linebackers coach who worked with the Jets’ defensive line. The Jets’ defense was shaky when Williams left, giving up 40 points to the Seahawks in their first game without him. They have since been able to hold opponents to less than 30 points in five games.

What’s Behind the Jets’ Resurgence?

China’s economy is huge and growing fast. Its fleet of business jets is 70 percent Private Jets For Hire, with some flying halfway around the world before refueling. Its rapid economic growth is making China an attractive market for business jets, while many other regions are suffering from the global recession and are experiencing a retrenchment. This means a resurgence in China’s fleet of corporate jets is inevitable.

Boeing is experiencing a resurgence. In December, the company scheduled over 4,000 flights on its 737 MAX family. That’s almost 6% of their total capacity. Some airlines have already placed major orders on MAX jets. In addition, some have exercised options on their existing 2021 orders. These airline orders show that airlines are willing to try something new. And, if that doesn’t work out, there are plenty of new options to explore.

Juulsen is another player with a resurgence. His movement has improved. Juulsen is no longer limited to shooting toward the goal or rimming the puck around the boards. He is now stronger on the edges, and less rigid when stickhandling. And his full-body and head fakes have made him more unpredictable than ever. This is a good thing for his team.

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