What Is an Occupational Therapist?

What is the difference between an occupational therapist and an occupational therapy assistant? Occupational therapists are professionals who specialize in the science of occupations and work to improve a person’s daily routines. Occupational therapy assistants utilize a holistic approach and scientific bases to help individuals improve their daily routines. The occupational therapy assistant is an entry-level position, and will assist those in need of therapy. Here are some things to know about this health care professional.

What Is an Occupational Therapist?

The primary goal of an occupational therapist is to improve a patient’s ability to work, play, and engage in other everyday activities. This person may need special equipment or assistance to perform daily activities. An occupational therapist may also recommend adaptations for a patient’s home environment or help a family member live independently. They are trained to help the patient maintain independence and to work with their clients. They will also consult with family members to provide information about the importance of visiting a health professional for advice.

A graduate degree in occupational therapy in Elizabethtown is required to practice as an occupational therapist. Depending on the program and the institution you attend, the graduate degree can take between two and three years to complete.

You will complete a required number of fieldwork hours and take a national certification exam to become a licensed occupational therapist. The educational requirements for an occupational therapist are quite varied, but the main components are the same.

Occupational therapy requires

Occupational therapy requires a minimum of 60 college credits and must also include at least 50 hours of volunteer work in a health care setting. You will also need to complete all General Education requirements and any other OT specific prerequisites.

A student must earn a cumulative major GPA of 3.0 or higher. This is calculated as the average of all major courses. If you fail to meet the minimum GPA requirement, you will be placed on academic probation. Failure to raise your GPA within a semester is grounds for dismissal from the OT program. However, you have the opportunity to appeal to the Student Progression and Retention Committee if you do not meet these requirements.

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In addition to practicing occupational therapy, you must be sensitive to social and political conditions that affect the quality of life of those you serve. Occupational justice involves advocating for the right of a person to engage in meaningful occupations. Occupational justice involves a range of factors, including standardized treatments, social inclusion, and the environment. You should be aware of any occupational justice problems that exist and consider ways to address these issues and work for a more equitable society.

An occupational therapist helps patients development

An occupational therapist helps patients develop, regain, and maintain skills that they may have lost or have not developed properly. With their therapeutic techniques, occupational therapists can help patients overcome barriers that hinder their daily lives.

The goal of occupational therapy is to help patients function better in their daily lives and become more independent. Occupational therapists are experts in physical and social effects of injury or illness, and can teach patients to use adaptive equipment for improved function and independence.

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