The Dangers of Black Mold

You may have heard of the health risks of black mold, but what are the actual risks? Toxic mold spores can affect nearly every organ in the body. They can cause behavioral and cognitive changes and lead to ataxia and convulsions. Mycotoxins can cross directly into the brain and affect the central nervous system. This can be particularly dangerous for people with weakened immune systems. Even people who are generally healthy can develop these health risks from mold exposure.

The Dangers of Black Mold

The dangers of black mold go far beyond the health risks. Black mold can take hold anywhere in a home and cause toxic reactions in the body. It can also infect food. Food that has been contaminated with mold can be dangerous to people with respiratory conditions, so it’s essential to follow prevention methods to avoid becoming infected with this potentially dangerous substance. Listed below are some ways that you can avoid becoming a victim of black mold.

Water damage is one of the primary causes of black mold inspections growth. This type of mold is often found in basements, crawl spaces, and bathrooms, where excessive moisture is present. Infected homes may look like a dark, slimy patch on exterior walls or chalky patches on ceilings and walls. To make it worse, black mold tends to spread quickly, so the best prevention methods include regular inspections of the home to determine if there are any signs of mold growth.

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