Oral Surgery Associates and Dental Implant Centers

There are a number of advantages to choosing a dental implant center over an oral surgery associate. The procedures performed by an implant center are usually more permanent than removable dentures. Patients may also opt for implants to replace several missing teeth. Aside from being a great cosmetic improvement, dental implants also prevent bone loss and oral health problems associated with tooth loss.

Oral Surgery Associates

Dental implants consist of a titanium post, a custom-made prosthetic tooth or a multi-tooth bridge, and a secure abutment piece. Once the implant is inserted in the jaw, the final result is a permanent new smile.

The physicians at Oral Surgery Associates & Dental Implant Centers include Drs. Brady, Going, Lewis, Pollack, and Singer healthy smile. Their offices are located in ten locations throughout the Atlanta area. The team at these facilities is dedicated to making their patients feel comfortable.

They work hard to ensure that their patients are well-informed and informed about their treatment options. They strive to make each patient comfortable during their procedure and provide exemplary attention to detail and patient comfort.

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