Is Impact Glass Hurricane Rated?

When considering window replacements, one important question to ask is “Is impact glass hurricane rated?” It is a good idea to get hurricane-rated glass whenever possible to help protect your home during severe weather conditions. These windows and doors are made of thicker glass than standard glass, which provides more protection against wind damage. Also, thicker glass provides greater protection against forced entry.

Is Impact Glass Hurricane Rated?

The American Society for Testing and Materials sets standards and certifies hurricane-resistant windows and doors. Moreover, the South Florida Building Code, which took hurricanes into account in recent years, has made certain requirements for exterior openings. It now requires that windows and doors withstand hurricane-force winds and flying debris.

Is impact glass hurricane rated

Hurricane impact glass is stronger than standard glass and is often combined with reinforced hurricane window frames to ensure maximum safety Hurricane Impact Glass. The reinforced frames help prevent window glass from bending or cracking during storms.

In addition, hurricane impact glass is also multi-layered, so it offers additional protection against solar rays that can damage window treatments, flooring, and other surfaces. In addition, hurricane impact glass is extremely energy-efficient, which means it will reduce energy consumption and increase home value.

Impact windows are safer than standard hurricane windows, as they use several layers of laminated glass in between the panes of glass. They are thicker and more rigid than hurricane windows, and they can withstand a lawn chair being blown by the wind.

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