How to Tell If a Wall is Plaster or Drywall

While plaster and drywall look similar, they have distinct differences. These two types of walls can be difficult to distinguish from one another, especially once installed, but there are some things you can look for to identify which type of wall you have. Cracks, texture, flaking paint, and curves can help you identify the material on a wall.

How to Tell If a Wall is Plaster or Drywall

First, look for layers. A plaster wall has several layers of solid plaster. There may also be thin wood strips beneath the layer of plaster. The laths on a plaster wall will be close together, whereas in a drywall wall, horizontal laths will be placed at regular intervals.

How to Tell If a Wall is Plaster or Drywall

Another way to tell if a wall is plaster or kelowna drywall is to use a pushpin to poke the surface. A pushpin easily penetrates drywall, but a nail hammered into a plaster wall will bounce back out.

Plaster has a different texture and looks different than drywall. Plaster is often applied on top of a blue board. This board is special formulated to handle the high amounts of moisture in wet plaster. It bonds tightly to the plaster, so you may need to apply several coats to cover the entire surface.

Plaster is stronger and longer-lasting than drywall. It also outperforms drywall when it comes to insulation, fire-resistance, and soundproofing. It also provides a much more appealing appearance.

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