How to File an Incorporation Application

You can incorporate your business in British Columbia by filing an incorporation application. However, before filing the incorporation documents, you must first file your business name approval with BC Registry Services. This process can be done online, but you should first conduct a NUANS search to make sure the name is not already in use. The fee for this application is CAD 30 plus GST.

How to File an Incorporation Application?

The name reservation is valid for 56 days. After filing the application, you will be given an incorporation number. This number will serve as the name of your company, and it is assigned to you by the registry. The incorporation process is quite straightforward.

Once you have decided on the name of your company incorporation services Singapore, you can then choose whether to incorporate it under a federal or provincial business registration. Federal incorporation is required in Ontario, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and Labrador.

This step is not necessary for the incorporation process in any other province. By choosing a federal incorporation service, you’ll save time and effort, and be sure that your company will be properly registered in the province.

Before filing your application with the BC Registry, you should know the rules governing the incorporation process. In British Columbia, you can register as a partnership, a company, or a partnership.

Choosing an appropriate structure for your business will depend on the personal needs of the principals and the goals of the organization. The best way to determine which form of incorporation will best suit your needs is to use a free sample form to make your decision.

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