How Hydrodemolition Can Benefit Your Business

When it comes to industrial cleaning and hydro demolition, there are many benefits to this process. It improves efficiency and provides new revenue opportunities. One of these is the use of a silent-running high-pressure pump/engine combination that provides the necessary pressure. Compact and powerful, these units are capable of operating at a maximum pressure of 43,511 psi. The quiet-running high-pressure pump/engine combination is ideal for urban job sites.

How Hydrodemolition Can Benefit Your Business?

Automated equipment is a key part of hydro demolition. Robotic cutting tractors control water jets so that they can remove concrete uniformly. High-pressure water pumps and support trailers transport the water. Operators wear protective gear. Hydrodemolition robots are 25 times faster than manual methods and offer 10 times the productivity of hand lances. They also increase safety. This type of machine is ideal for the rehabilitation of sewers, dams, and other structures.

Environmental issues are changing the construction industry. Dust and noise restrictions have become paramount on every construction site robotic hydrodemolition. Because of this, contractors need to find less disruptive ways to remove concrete.

Hydrodemolition is the ideal solution for removing concrete without causing silica dust or other environmental pollution. It is also among the quietest demolition methods available. Hydrodemolition machines offer a wide range of benefits for contractors. Hydrodemolition can increase productivity by up to 40 percent.

Besides lowering safety risks, hydro demolition can also increase productivity and profitability for contractors. These robotic hydro demolition machines perform several applications with just one operator, increasing their productivity and profitability. The use of robotic hydro demolition equipment also allows contractors to branch out into other service offerings, such as steel tunnel rehabilitation, refractory removal, and concrete rehabilitation. With the help of hydro demolition robots, contractors can expand their service offerings and provide better service to customers.

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