Google Digital Marketing Course to Promote Your Business

A Google Digital Marketing course is a great way to learn how to use the power of the Internet to promote your business. This course includes multiple assessments and lifetime access. You will learn about SEO, local marketing, paid search, web page optimization, and eCommerce, among other topics. Google’s digital marketing courses also provide you with a wealth of practical information. You’ll be able to apply your new skills immediately to your current or future job.

Google Digital Marketing Course

You can get a Google certification if you complete their comprehensive course. The course covers the fundamentals of digital marketing and gives you a globally recognized certification that’s valued by employers.

Digital Marketing

Upon completion of the course

Upon completion of the course, you can also use Google’s digital garage to learn more about digital marketing, with live training and certifications available in e-commerce digital marketing South Florida. Once you’re done with the course, you’ll have access to a wealth of tools and resources, including free video tutorials.

Google’s AdWords module

Google’s AdWords module offers you knowledge about how to conduct keyword research and write a compelling ad. This allows you to target a more targeted audience and boost click-through rates. Other modules cover how to manage campaigns and track their results.

Google digital marketing

The Google digital marketing course teaches you how to use various ad products and strategies to advertise your business. There are also several aides you can use during the course, including AdWords and Facebook.

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