Can You Apply Wax Over Paint Protection Film?

If you want to protect your vehicle from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays, you may want to install Paint Protection Film. These films protect the underlying paint and trim from damage. In addition, they give your vehicle a brilliant shine. The film is also easy to remove without damaging your car’s finish.

Additionally, because it contains UV protection, the film does not react to the rays of the sun. This protects your car from sun damage and helps it fade evenly between protected and unprotected areas.

Can You Apply Wax Over Paint Protection Film?

When waxing your vehicle, you should be very careful not to damage the paint protection film. Most paint protection films are made of a protective coating. However, some higher quality brands contain dual coating technology.

Can You Apply Wax Over Paint Protection Film?

A quality film will have both a repair coating and an anti-fouling coating Paint Protection Film. Car wax contains oil-soluble agents and other ingredients that may dissolve the paint protection film. This could cause oxidation and yellowing of the film.

Ceramic waxes are another option. These are designed to absorb contaminants without leaving behind a glossy sheen. These products can be applied over paint protection film, but you must remove the old coating first.

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