Can Mycobacterium Vaccae Probiotic Soil Bacteria Improve Your Mood?

Can Mycobacterium vaccae, a probiotic soil bacterial strain, improve your mood? A recent study showed that this strain significantly improves mood in cancer patients. While the treatment did not affect cancer survival, it did improve quality of life, cognitive function, and emotional health. The study also suggested that it may help prevent and treat depression. However, more research is needed.

Mycobacterium vaccae Probiotic Soil

The bacteria in soil increase cytokine levels, which in turn boosts serotonin. In a rat study, consuming this probiotic strain decreased anxiety and elevated serotonin levels. This effect lasted for three weeks. Taking soil bacterium may be an excellent way to treat depression. It has been known to improve immune system function. In addition, the bacteria have also been found to have antibacterial properties.

Mycobacterium Vaccae Probiotic Soil Bacteria Improve Your Mood

Research on this strain in animals has shown that it reduces the symptoms of colorectal distension in an animal model. It also decreased Fos expression mycobacterium vaccae supplement, a marker of general neuronal activation. In healthy mice, antibiotic-induced shifts in the intestinal microbiota increase visceral sensitivity, and Lactobacillus vaccae inhibits the effects of antibiotics.

Research on this strain has also shown that it prevents the effects of the “two-hit” stressor model by improving microbiome-gut-brain axis signaling. It also enhanced stress resilience and prevented mice from exhibiting stereotypic submission in the social setting. These findings show that M. vaccae can improve your mood and your immune system.

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