Boppy Maternity Pillow

A Boppy maternity pillow is perfect for any expecting mother. Not only will it help keep your back and neck aligned, but it will also relieve pressure from your baby bump. It comes with a removable bamboo fabric slipcover for easy washing. You can buy more than one Boppy maternity pillow for a variety of purposes. The price is right too, so you can afford to buy one for every room in your house.

Boppy Maternity Pillow

The Boppy Total Body Pillow is made specifically for pregnant women. This pillow is designed to provide support from head to toe. It features an ergonomically designed contour that conforms to your body. It also has padded areas for your knees and hips. Because it’s designed for comfort, you can easily adjust it to fit your body shape. And, if you’re looking for a more personalized experience, you can purchase the Boppy Custom Fit Total Body Pillow.

The unique fibre filling makes the Boppy pillow comfortable to sleep on. Its compact structure ensures that the pillow will keep its shape even after many washings Slaapcity zwangerschapskussens. And, since it’s machine washable, you don’t need to worry about the pillow shedding its shape. This pillow helps mothers remain in a comfortable position while breastfeeding, which is why it’s recommended by Italian midwives. And, it’s cute.

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