National Nutrition Month

Today marks the beginning of National Nutrition Month and the first day of Lent! Take a 40 day challenge. What would make your life richer? Is there something you’re eating or doing that is stealing abundance? I decided that I would choose to sit down and eat. Well guess what, I already blew it! 10 minutes into my day and what was I doing, standing and eating! Oh my, it is not easy to do things differently. Still, I have the rest of the day to make a better choice. I refuse to be critical. One baby step forward at a time.

Whatever you choose, if you choose, do not condemn your efforts. Be filled with grace for yourself and others.  We are human after all. This isn’t a pass to give up. It’s simply a loving touch of water to help your seed blossom. With undeterred perseverance you will be amazed at what you can accomplish. You are stronger than you think.

Our family challenge is to reach out; one random act of kindness each day. In 40 days on Easter Sunday, we will share all the loving things we did. I can’t wait. Enjoy this glorious gift of day.! xo Karen Newman

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