karen in back yard7 years ago, Drew Williams, the pastor of our church Trinity, in Greenwich, CT, asked me to read a few passages from the bible on April 12, 2009. It was Easter Sunday and my birthday. It was also one year into my cancer journey.   Joy and Fear combined together as I replied, “Yes”. The task seemed like an invitation to fall flat on my face. Reading terrified me because of my dyslexia and the negative labels that years of teasing left behind. But God was calling me to take on this challenge and to throw off the defeating labels and step into a new destiny.

As I made my way to the podium on Easter Sunday, my knees were knocking and I questioned if my legs would hold me up, but as I began to speak, The Holy Spirit gave me strength and made my words sweet and rich with love.

Later that day, God put on my heart that one day I would give a sermon at church. It was 7 years later and Gods perfect timing.

The sermon that God gave me to share was “Walk Boldly”. On Sunday April 17th, at the Church on The Hill in Boca Raton Florida, I did just that. God blessed me with all the words that I bravely spoke. I wasn’t nervous. I was simply and magnificently wrapped in His love, blessing His kingdom.

After I finished, the most amazing thing happened. A man in the audience stood. He was the organist who just had a stroke, leaving him with numbness and left side paralysis. He was told to stay home, in bed, but something pulled him to church. He bravely shuffled to the microphone. When he spoke, he told everyone that the words I spoke pierced his heart and gave him great hope to walk boldly with Christ. He said it was wonderful to be reminded that God was working all things for good even if it didn’t look like it at the moment.

I got up and hugged him and the entire congregation was crying. It was an amazing experience for everyone and I believe the moment he spoke, God’s healing balm flooded him.  He will be a testimony to the power of word, prayer and God’s unfathomable love.

Sunday was culmination of a 7 -year promise fulfilled. It was simply and beautifully more than I could ever dream or imagine. God keeps His promises. We can trust Him and walk boldly, holding his hand as we sing His praises for all eternity.