Rave Reviews!

Karen, I cannot put your book down. You are truly an inspiration. Besides being an incredible writer, you are  a courageous, resilient, beautiful person. I feel blessed to know you. Congratulations and best wishes at your upcoming book tours. ~ Jackie Hawks


Karen speaking at standing-room-only Phoenix Bookstore event, Burlington, VT 1/27/16

Karen speaking at standing-room-only Phoenix Bookstore event, Burlington, VT 1/27/16

I was there last night (at the VT book launch) with my teenage daughter and it was a truly inspiring evening. A very courageous woman! I started the book last night and I don’t want to put it down. ~ Gina Pizzagalli Plunkett

Listening to Karen Newman speak about her story, “Just Three Words, ” I was struck by three things…

The first; Karen’s priceless gift of shedding light, learning, laughter, and love on the trials, shaming, and crises that can  happen in life.

The second; every single word came straight from her heart. In this day in age of CGI, Photoshop, genetic modification, and more artificial means of altering presentation, I think her voice of authenticity is what we all crave. Karen is perfectly imperfect, and because of her attitude and humbleness, so lovable. Her being real and authentic gives us permission to do so,  and that’s so freeing!

Third; I was struck and inspired by Karen’s bravery. Not just one-time-bravery like checking off and item on a grocery list, but ongoing, real human bravery. 

Karen’s ability to radiate truth, power, and love is magnificent. If a groupie list is forming, sign me up please. 

~ Kirsten Wiley, Integrativemassagetherapyofvermont.com

I am ever so thankful God gifted me with knowing this beautiful woman and friend. Her courage to stand up and tell her story start to finish is empowering beyond words. I got to chapter 11 and saw my very best friend Megan quoted and all I could think was just how blessed I am to know these women and have them in my life. If you have not gotten a copy they are available on Amazon and if you are lucky there may be a few left at Phoenix books following a sold out book launch!!!! So proud of you Karen Newman. You are a blessing and your story is a gift!  You are inspiring people all over by just being you.  Love you to the moon and back. ~ Heidi Abair

Manchester bookshelfJust finished your book. You are amazing and an inspiration to us all!! God Bless. ~ Debbie Dunbar Kniffin

Finally had a chance to read what you sent and be blessed by it as I did. As I knew I would, I both cried and laughed reading it!  Thank you for your bold, beautiful honest story.  It will bless and help save many lives!!!  ~  Heather Wright


I’m through the first 50 pages of your book and I’m in awe. What a wonderful gift of story you have! You do such an amazing job of “showing and not telling” and allowing the reader to visualize what you are experiencing and feeling. Truly amazing.

I particularly loved the part where you mention biting into that marshmallow Rice Krispie bar and how it will forever be the most delicious bite of your life. So visceral!

I had expected your story to be inspiring and moving, but it’s even more compelling than I’d imagined. Thanks for finding the courage to write this. I know it’s going to minister to people on a very deep level. Your launch party last night was so much fun!

Thanks again.




I read it from start to finish. Fantastic. You are a wonderful writer…enjoyed every bit of the book. Photos also great. CONGRATS!!! ~ Emmy Stocker


Last year at the Jingle Bell 5K run in Trumbull, I talked to the 15-year-old-winner, Katelynn, after she got her reward. Katelynn was the first female runner to cross the finish line in 20:24. I asked her if she remembered Karen Newman from the previous year winning the race. She said she definitely remembers Karen and in fact, she said, “Karen was my inspiration for running the race and winning the female division in 2014.” Karen, you are still inspiring people of all ages to do their best. ~ Lauren Nordvall


I am amazed by your courage, Karen . The book launch was the perfect setting to share your story. It was a pleasure to meet you. ~ Christina Fitzgerald


Manchester flyerKaren, you were always such a dynamo, and now, an inspiration to so many. Congratulations on so many levels.
~ Alison Serra Barlow


What a wonderful blessing you’ve given us to share your story! I can’t put the book down! ~ Meredith Priestley


Finished your wonderfully inspiring book yesterday! Thank you for baring your soul and proving that the power of love and belief are real! Much Love to you and your beautiful family! ~ Suzanne Timerman


Good morning, Karen! It was well worth the trip to get to see you!! I started your book last night and it is truly a masterpiece. So gripping…so raw. I too battled an eating disorder through high school, college and in to my twenties. (I’m sure you are going to hear that from many people)  I suppose I will always battle it, as it is an addiction. Your book speaks to me and will speak to everyone who reads it in its very own way. Your beauty and God’s love radiate through it. I can’t wait to read more!!! Love you!!!!!! Xoxo ~ Mary Alice Brink Schulte


Hi Karen!

I was so thrilled to hear about your new book, Just Three Words, that’s about to come out!  That is really very exciting and I can’t wait to read it!!!  I’ve already ordered it from Amazon.  People are going to LOVE your story!!!  So inspirational and full of wisdom.  After all, who hasn’t faced adversity at one time or another in their lives – and who hasn’t needed to learn from someone like you how to be resilient and get through it?  This book is headed straight for the Best Seller list.  I am sure of it!

Valerie Ramsey
Executive editor, Fabulously 50+ Magazine


I absolutely loved your book!!! You are a wonderful writer. I loved reading about your master’s program history and am so impressed that you got your master’s in dietitian studies (or whatever). I have been through the disordered eating. In this book I learned so much about you and it has inspired me to get my act together to get a job – not sure what or how! – but you have inspired me to do something better with my life. ~ Anonymous

Greenwich CBS for book launch

Karen please continue to post on fb. I find you to be one of the most inspirational people I have ever met. I have grown closer to God through your example and have learned “to sprint for the finish” even when my middle-of-the-pack legs are wobbly. Love you! ~ Anne Gannon-McKenna


Dear Karen,

I just read the first 5 chapters at once.  I could not pull myself away.  I am amazed at your courage: to bare all; to be so transparent.  At the same time you have beautifully honored God, you have given Him the glory for rescuing you.   And, at the same time you gave honor to your parents.  It would have been easy to cast blame on them or the medical community but you have not.

I love the way you weave scripture and also sayings/proverbs like the one about the sun by your brother.

I am so excited to see how the Lord will use your book to bring hope and healing.

With love,



I sat across from Karen Newman at Trinity Church for over ten years. This bubbly, exuberant, hand-raising, pious, Christian buddy of mine was always an instrument of erudition, joy and laughter. The Lord packed a tremendous amount of love and wisdom into this tiny tot, and my wife, Joan, her twin sister Joyce, and I fell in love with her immediately. If Karen wrote a book, it is something that all the world should read. With my irrepressible blessing, rush out and buy one. You will be better off for it.
~ George Mathes: author of seven books of poems, Yale graduate, principal clarinet with the Greenwich Symphony Orchestra for 20 glorious years


Through her blog posts, Karen Newman’s experience became part of my own private walk, as I witnessed how she handled things in love rather than fear. Just Three Words is a testimony to the story of living, and I am so grateful that Karen allowed her suffering to be that testimony. I changed so much through Karen’s journey: learned to pray with deeper intent, to feel God’s overwhelming love even in times of pain, and ultimately to live life on a new frequency.   This book will be a gift to you as well, because Karen Newman is so very alive, and so very special. ~ Maggie: Devoted mother of four, cancer survivor, loving friend


Manchester w event plannerThe journey that Karen Newman has traversed is both heart-wrenching and awe-inspiring, and she tells her story candidly, eloquently and with humor. The fact that she comes out on top—loving herself and others compassionately—after such depths, is a testament to the human spirit. Just Three Words lights the flame to live fully, courageously and freely. And that’s just what the doctor ordered. ~ Nancy Burcham, editor