Just3wordsIn the prime of her life, world-class triathlete, dietitian and mother, Karen Newman, was on her knees begging God to end it all. But just when the secrets of her eating disorder had once again gripped her life and filled her with shame, a diagnosis of advanced breast cancer changed everything.

Karen inspired thousands and drew over 25,000 visitors to her blog as she continued training and competing in triathlons throughout her grueling cancer treatments, and was featured on the NBC Today show twice because of her extraordinary life and rousing message of hope.

This remarkable story reveals the incredible power words have—to shatter or empower us—and the magnificent potential that love has to heal.

Told with candid truth and humor, Karen’s touching memoir weaves the agonies of anorexia, bulimia, and cancer, with the thrill of young love, miraculous wins on the race course, and victory in life. With the wisdom forged in the valleys of despair and on the peaks of triumph, Just Three Words captures the indomitable spirit of one brave woman who—against all odds—survives, triumphs and finds the purpose in it all.

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Karen Newman book signing - Just Three Words

Karen signing books – Just Three Words – in Greenwich, CT








“The most powerful Olympic stories are those of athletes who have faced genuine adversity in their lives and not only persevered but somehow thrived. Karen Newman’s journey is as inspiring and compelling as any Olympic athlete I’ve ever seen. She is grace and grit personified and whether you’re a world class athlete, a weekend warrior or just want to be moved, you’ll want to read her story.”~Jim Bell: Executive Producer, NBC Olympics

“Karen Newman’s life, as described in this compelling book, serves as an inspiration for families and patients but also for the doctors and researchers working to overcome cancer. Just Three Words demonstrates healing on multiple levels, and Karen as a heroic participant.”~ Dr. Clifford Hudis, MD, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center: Chief of the Breast Medicine Service, past President of the American Society of Clinical Oncology.

Just Three Words by Karen Newman is an uncommonly honest, heartfelt and beautiful true story of forgiveness, hope and healing that inspires and touches the reader’s heart in a powerful, life-changing way. Just three words: Buy this book! ~ Kathryn Slattery: Contributing Editor, Guideposts, and Author, If I Could Ask God Anything, and My Friend Jesus

“Karen’s story is a gold medal win for the eating disorder community. What a gift to find an athlete whose transparency and vulnerability will, no doubt, impact anyone struggling with the demons of anorexia, bulimia and body dysmorphia. Just Three Words encourages readers to break the bondage of shame in a relatable and approachable fashion. ~ Alice. H. Churnock, MA: Certified Eating Disorder Specialist, ReVive Program

“Through powerful and poignant stories, Karen takes her readers on her journey through addiction, illness, and overcoming.  Her passion for life and God permeate each page and leave all of us hungry to live with more of her courage and authenticity.  This is a must-read for anyone who needs to know there is hope no matter what challenges life brings.” ~ The Rev. Dr. Heather Wright, Executive Director, Greenwich Center for Hope and Renewal

The line for Karen's signature at the Greenwich, CT book launch

The line for Karen’s signature at the Greenwich, CT book launch





Flyer from speaking & book signing event at Soul Ryeders in Rye, NY

Flyer from speaking & book signing event at Soul Ryeders in Rye, NY

After the Soul Ryeders event

After the Soul Ryeders event