Throw Off the Limits!

Free statue2/21/14

I looked out my window this morning to a slice of sun.  How beautiful it was to see after this long winter we have been having.  I am not complaining, as the extreme weather has given me an excuse to settle down, finish some much needed indoor projects, and recharge my batteries.  I said a prayer of gratitude as I watched the sun rise above the majestic mountains. Immediately peace washed over me and I rejoiced in the glorious gift of the day!

On that note, I was wondering: how do you start your day?

I for one, used to roll out of bed and go straight to the coffee maker, never taking a moment to sit, think and be grateful.  But I changed my routine recently.  Instead of getting straight up, I stay and look out the window for a moment and I say a prayer of thanksgiving.  Sometimes, I read a devotional like “Jesus Calling” before I place my foot on the floor.  It has had a profound difference in my life and I would encourage you to try it out.  When you wake up tomorrow, simply stay in bed for a minute, say a prayer of gratitude, and see what glory awaits you.  Perhaps you too have a devotional that touches your heart.  Keep it by your bed, so you can read something inspirational before you set your feet on the floor.  It’s amazing how powerful this little change in your routine can be.  It sets the tone for the whole day.  It has giving me a greater feeling that anything is possible.

I encourage you to throw off any limits you have put on yourself or on God and see what happens.  Too often, we are the ones that block our own paths.  What if we didn’t?   What if we dared to believe that the best is yet to come?  What if we dared to believe that we could achieve our dreams?

When I was going through the worst of my chemotherapy treatments, some days it felt so difficult to just get out of bed, let alone go for a gentle bike ride.  But I knew I had this dream of continuing to race, and I knew that training through my chemo was the metaphor for racing for my life.  So I just HAD to get myself up and going.  Once I did, it actually made me feel better, and I do believe with all my heart that it had a profound effect on how my body responded to the cancer.  The cancer knew I meant business…my mental attitude translated to every cell in my body to HEAL and to LIVE.  I didn’t know what lay ahead, but I dared to dream it could be even grander than my life before cancer.  What one thing can you do differently today, to set the possibilities into motion?

Today is the day to reach for the stars, to take off and to soar to new heights.  Go for it!

All my love and blessings..



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