The Glory of the Lord

My eyes have seen the Glory of the Lord.

Thank you so much for you unending support, love and prayers.

My last dendrite cancer vaccine went really well. Richardo is so good at what he does. Once we turn on our own immune systems, we will win the war on cancer. My prayer is that every cancer patient can have this miracle cure.

The people I met at Oasis of Hope inspired me. Their testimonies of coming back from the brink of death feed my soul to carry on. What a gift it has been to be in a community who gives God the glory.

Being able to preach the sermons while pastor Ernesto has been away on a mission trip was empowering. God truly blessed our time together.

My trip home yesterday was nothing short of a miracle. At every turn, God put someone in my path to help me. We passed through the Tijuana Border with ease and a wheel chair awaited me at check in. My connection in Charlotte was only 40 minutes, an impossible connection to begin with, and then our flight left an hour late from San Diego. I prayed that God would send a tail wind to make up the time. And He did. When we got off the plane, I had 12 minutes to make a 20-minute trek. My gate was in terminal E and we arrived in terminal A. Gratefully, they had a wheel chair for me. The attendant wanted me to wait for the other 3 wheel chair people. If I waited, I would miss my flight so I asked if I could take the wheel chair and push it with my backpack in it since I could not carry it with multiple fractures.

Blessedly he gave me the wheel chair. With supernatural speed I made the trek. God helped my legs move and weave through tons of people. I boarded the plane with seconds to spare. We were airborne 7 minutes later. It was truly a miracle. I looked out the window and thanked God as the sun was setting. I took this sunset photo and while you can’t see it because the picture gets cut off, there was a perfect heart outlined in the sky. It was God showing me His goodness, His favor, His blessing, His healing. His miracles. I just have to keep my eyes on Jesus. My healing is coming.

Part of my protocol includes taking some low dose chemo and letrozole, which is an oral hormone therapy like tamoxifen. I am not psyched about that but since the cancer is so pervasive, we don’t have time to mess around. I will need to return to Oasis of Hope in August to receive another LAK infusion along with some additional infusions. In November I’ll fly back again for another series of Dendrite Cancer Vaccines. They also have me on a mainly plant-based diet and a strict regiment of supplements to the tune of around 50 pills a day. I took many of them at Oasis of Hope and had no adverse reactions. It is amazing what they have discovered in terms of fighting back against this disease.

I think back to when I couldn’t even swallow tamoxiphen, a tiny little pill and how needles scared me. How far I’ve come. How much we are all capable of in the face of death.

When I hugged Peter and the boys in our home last night, I wept. They are the reason I fight so hard. They give me the strength to keep moving, enduring, and believing.

Now it is time to rest and heal; a challenge for me. Still I am going to embrace this time. And I know God will use it for a mighty purpose.

I am intentionally speaking out my future. “I will be cancer free. I will watch Trent graduate. I will hold a grandchild. I will travel the world and tell of the goodness of God. I will inspire others. I will finish my next book. I will give God all the glory for the miracle that is chasing me down.”

You too can do the same. It’s important to be thankful and to speak out your favor filled destiny. It’s never too late to start.

Thank you again for your unending support. You help make my miracle possible!!!

God bless you!!!!

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