Thank you


Two days ago,  a shooting pain darted through my hip, imparting fear. The sure foundation of healing, shook. Questions flooded like a broken dam. Is the cancer back?  Death wiggled its’ way in to my consciousness. Joy and purpose the treasures he sought.

I sat in silence knowing God was with me.  It took years to know this truth.  In the stillness, peace wrapped its’ arms around me and courage joined us.  It didn’t take long before I jumped over fear, claiming victory once again.  Friends, we are never alone. God is always with us. Minute by minute we are invited into a relationship that offers hope, unconditional love and victory. Cry out to Him; open the door and be amazed.

We are also invited to be part of God’s great love story;  to be his hands and feet; to be the miracle.  Share your gifts and tune in to the still small whispers.  A simple “Hello”, at just the right moment, can save a life.

Thank you to those I know and to those I will never meet. Your love buoys us all.

This song is a tribute to you.

God bless you. xo

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