Stop and Relish

Have you stopped lately too look around you and relish the gifts you’ve been given?

Life is fleeting.

It stuck me like a hammer when our oldest son Stetson picked Peter and I up at the airport in Charleston SC this past weekend. He’s all grown up. Where did the time go? Why did it take me three years to go and visit him?

I always had an excuse. I was too busy chasing my dreams, putting out fires, saying yes when I should have said “no”.  And why?  To be honest, because I am an overachiever and still have trouble thinking that where I am is enough.  I rarely feel content. I want to be further in my career; closer to accomplishing all my dreams. Dwelling on the negative is dangerous territory.  It opens the door to the deceiver whose job it is to kill, steal and destroy. But if we stand strong, we can defeat him. It takes work.  It takes getting in the word and trusting God. It takes prayer, surrender and love.


What about you?  Are relishing  where God has you or are you worried and upset?  Are you looking for affirmation from the world or from God?

Success is not about power, position, looks,  athletic prowess, titles, money.  Success is about making a difference in someone else’s life.


I met a line cook while I was in South Carolina whose smile and enthusiasm immediately lifted you up. He is making a difference. He is not worried or upset. He is exactly where he is meant to be; shining for Gods glory.

Can we do the same? Can we be content knowing that God has us exactly where He wants us? Can we change our perspective from duty to delight and make a difference right where we are?

I am not saying  that we should stop reaching, growing or chasing our dreams. But I am saying that we should not be beating ourselves up. Our God given dreams are not lost on God. They are treasures that will be caught in God’s perfect timing.

Nothing can stop us but our own doubts, defeating words and fears.

Walk in joyful confidence knowing that you are exactly where you are meant to be.  Make time to rest and be with those you love. Listen to the still small whispers and courageously follow the path God leads you on.

Relish today and be a blessing while  you can. It’s not too late.

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