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Shine Hope

When I heard on Mothers Day that I would again have to endure radiation, I wasn’t scared like before. The Holy Spirit gave me supernatural peace and wisdom to know that God would be with me. I was to shine hope to all those touched by radiation, staff and patients alike. Every day I walked with joy, speaking victory.

Today I was blessed by these words written by a staff member:

“Good morning Karen, I wanted to tell you that you made quite an impact on one of the patients finishing radiation today. He asked me to tell you that you are an inspiration to him. He also said that you are what got him through the last few weeks. I wanted to send you along the message, love P”

It brings tears to my eyes to read this. You see it’s how we walk through our trials that make the difference. We can be the hope, the seed that brings people to Christ. Sometimes we never get the blessing of email like this. Often we won’t know the impact we have until we reach heaven. Still we must do our very best to be a blessing, to be a miracle. Each day we can wake up with the mission of doing something kind for another. It can be as simple as a call, a smile, a note, a text.

Giving to others it’s enormously healing. Hold your head up high, shine Hope and courageously put one joyful foot in front of the other.

Tomorrow I will race in my last triathlon. It’s the Vermont Sun Triathlon down at Branbury State Park. It’s so emotional. Can I leave it all behind? It’s been nearly 30 years, more than ½ my life. The places I’ve been, the people I’ve met, the podiums, the joy, the reason to get out of bed. I am so grateful for it all. What will happen if I am not racing? I have no idea but I feel God calling me to give up, so I will. God never closes one door without opening another. A part of me is excited for the next chapter.

On July 12th, I will also race my last World Championships (Aquathlon) in Denmark. Its’ a privilege that I’ve had 9 times. I never take it for granted.

My prayer is that I can make it there and that when I do, I will run and swim, shining for Gods glory.

Thank you all for your unending love and prayers. I am forever Grateful!

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