Karen started her company, Nutrifit, to inspire and support people in transforming their lives through diet, exercise, self-love and a relationship with God.  Originally based in Greenwich, CT, Karen began inspiring people toward change, and helping them see tangible results in 1986. She now consults in the greater Burlington, VT area for private clients as well as for Cigna Corporation.

As a Registered Dietician (RD) and fitness expert for more than 25 years, Karen’s career runs the gamut of experience – from clinical research to heart-centered support; from one-on-one consultations to reaching thousands via her writing, speaking and major TV appearances.  Karen has a Masters Degree in Clinical Nutrition from Rush University, and completed her internship in Dietetics at Rush Presbyterian St. Luke’s Medical Center.  She has a B.S. in Dietetics from the University of Vermont.

Starting her career as Chief Dietitian at Waynesboro Community Hospital in Virginia, then Research Nutritionist and Nutrition Support Consultant at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in NYC, Karen then launched Nutrifit.  Now, Karen’s business has evolved; her message  — to live each day as a gift, to GO for your dreams, and to spread love throughout the world — is reaching the masses through her writing, speaking and television appearances.

with NBC producer and camera

With the film crew of the Today show, 2010

Karen shares her knowledge through her articles in Sports Nutrition News and many other written essays.  She had her own radio show called “Dial a Dietitian” on WAYB.   Karen appeared on Cablevision discussing nutrition and exercise.  And she has lectured extensively throughout the Northeast on a wide variety of topics including: “Help…I’m Doing a Triathlon”; “The 10 Worst and Best Foods”; and “Brown Bag Lunches your Kids Will Actually Eat.”  She has also been featured on the NBC Today show twice, and on WABC (NYC market), as well as in a multitude of newspaper and online articles.

Karen also does corporate consulting, such as directing a national wellness campaign for Lord & Taylor department stores, leading a wellness weekend for Lamer, a division of Estee Lauder Corporation, and helping to develop a new nutritional drink for children.

As a USAT certified coach, with additional certificates in Adult, Childhood and Adolescent weight management, Karen has been involved with numerous sports and fitness organizations, including many for charitable causes.

Karen volunteering at a charity triathlon with her son.

Karen volunteering at a charity triathlon with her son.

Karen is now an inspirational speaker, sharing her story of surviving two life-threatening diseases – against all odds – and coming back to win gold medals for the United States and breaking a world record in the Women’s 50+ age group triathlon. Karen also has had the honor of serving as the 2018/2019 President of the Vermont Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

In her talks, Karen helps others release the shame of damaging secrets, learn to see themselves lovingly through God’s eyes, to receive and share God’s love, to find the blessings in their challenges, and to go for their dreams – living lives of purpose and fulfillment.