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 FEATURED SPEAKER AT IGNITE BURLINGTON, November 2016 (talk starts 3:45 min)




On Mother’s Day 2016, I was diagnosed with stage-4 metastatic breast cancer, in my spine and pelvic bones. This was a complete shocker, as I had been given a clean bill of health for years, and my book Just Three Words had recently been published. I was on a whirlwind book launch and speaking tour, and had just begun training for the  September 2016 World Age-Group Triathlon Championships in Cozumel, Mexico when at one local running event that weekend, I felt pain so sharp in my back, I could  not ignore it. I barely limped across the finish line and collapsed into my husband’s arms. He whisked me off to the emergency room, where they discovered a compression fracture in my spine, and continued the inquiry until the cancer was found. I began a round of radiation which worked wonders, got me back on my feet, and again gave me hope that I could continue to train, compete in, and finish the  championship race as a testament to God’s miraculous healing power, and that we should never give up hope or stop going for our dreams. The above is the segment that just  highlighted this part of my story on WCAX.







In the summer of 2008, during the toughest period of my chemo when I was often just struggling to get out of bed, I received a call from the NBC Today show asking me if I wanted to share my story with 6 million people! It all started because I could not get to my son’s sporting event and requested some help with another carpool. This was new for me… both the missing of his game, and asking for help. In the carpool, my son Trent started relaying my story to his team mates and the carpool driver, Jim Bell.  Trent told them that despite how sick I was, that I was still training for triathlon to prove I would beat this disease, and that I was determined to compete in, and complete, all three major races I had registered for before my diagnosis. This included the World Age Group Triathlon Championships and two other regional events. Just a few days later, I received that life changing call from the NBC Today show. Unbeknownst to me, Jim Bell was the executive producer of Today.  I discovered that sometimes humbly asking for help, honoring our bodies and opening ourselves up to receive love, can have incredible unforeseen benefits.

In 2010, the NBC Today show called me to follow up, just before my mastectomy surgery. A double portion of blessings. The above are those segments.


The above God inspired testimony/ sermon was given at the Church of the Well.   It is so  amazing that Jesus came to us not as a flamboyant king, but as a baby to save the world.  Looks can be deceiving. Whatever you face, remember that God is on the thrown. Blessings await if you keep your eyes on Him who can do more that you could ask or imagine. .



The above talk at the Church on the Hill, in Boca Raton, FL was literally miraculous. One member of the church, the gifted organist at the church, had suffered a stroke and was almost paralyzed on one side of his body.  It made walking difficult and playing the piano, impossible. But when he heard the title of my upcoming talk, “Walk Boldly,” he felt compelled to make the effort to get there. After I my sermon, he stood with tears in his eyes, shuffled up to the podium to say he had almost not made it, but for some reason knew he must be there. He thanked me from the bottom of his heart, and when we hugged in front of teary eyed congregation, I felt the Holy Spirit descend on us and healing energy enter him.  The church lit up. Everyone was moved and I knew he would be healed. That night he amazed everyone by sitting at the piano, as the featured artist, playing beautifully, with both hands fully functional. I was blessed to be used by God as  conduit of love and healing.  My dream is to inspire people to discover the unconditional love of their heavenly father and to help them have hope and courage in all circumstances.




This engagement at the Center of Hope/Den for Grieving Kids fundraiser in Darien, CT was emotional for me because of all the children who needed hope. Previous speakers for this event, among others,  had included Mariel Hemingway, Jane Fonda and Arianna Huffington, so I was very honored to be brought into such esteemed company. This is a clip, not the entire talk;  I received a standing ovation from 300 people at the end, and was so touched by many people’s comments afterwards — those things are recorded in my heart forever.


WCAX “Books Over Breakfast” (1/27/16): in Burlington, VT about Karen’s new book:


WCAX “Spring Into Summer” event interview (click on thumbnail for Part 2)   


Greenwich CBS for book launchWatch this video of Karen speaking about the background and faith-based aspects of her book, Just Three Words. (Click here)







While I don’t have a video of my talk for the Susan G. Komen/Frogs for the Cure luncheon at Texas Christian University in 2013, it was the most pivotal event in my speaking career. It also signified a new beginning to me, where I saw that all of the events in my life — including the gift of cancer — had brought me to that exact moment, on that stage, sharing my story with hundreds of women and men. My subject matter posed the greatest risk of vulnerability, which could have left me feeling more shame and failure. But when I received a standing ovation and was later told by many that they too shared the same secrets, the same shame and feelings of failure, I knew without a doubt, that this was my purpose, and that our words of encouragement are some of the most powerful things we can offer. You can read more about “the gift of cancer” and the events that brought me from my knees in desperation to this astounding turn-around in my book, Just Three Words. (Amazon link above right)


Texas Christian University/Susan G. Komen "Frogs for the Cure" luncheon

Texas Christian University/Susan G. Komen “Frogs for the Cure” luncheon

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Hug from the director, Ann, that told me I was in the right place in my life - finally on purpose

Hug from the director, Ann, that told me I was in the right place in my life – finally on purpose