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I LOVE radio! Years ago, I had my own radio show called “Dial a Dietitian” which ran  in the Charlottesville/Waynesboro, Virginia area. Live radio was never boring. We didn’t have a screener back then and I was inundated with calls, both legitimate and hilarious. The questions ranged from what to eat to make one’s penis grow, to foods rich in iron, and so on.  I loved every minute of it, prank calls and all. (More about those experiences in my book, Just Three Words! 🙂

Check back here often for more radio and audio content. I have been on several recent shows that I haven’t received yet, and many more bookings in the near future.


Karen Newman Radio Interviews:

Radio Interview

Radio Interview


Enjoy this wonderful episode of  Married 2 the Game with Rory and Lequita Sharrock. (10/17)

They are an inspiration to all! Karen’s feature begins at the 46:32 mark.


Listen here:

CORPORATE TALK WITH CHARLIE & EVA; featured radio interview on 9/19/16


NIGHTS WITH NICK LAWRENCE; featured radio interview, 6/21/16: “The Voice” 830 am WEE

 WELLNESS FOR THE REAL WORLD;  with Dr. Veronica Anderson, 6/20/16

SHARKIE’S PEP TALK; featured radio interview on, 4/22/16


OPEN MIKE; featured radio interview, “Your Life’s Journey”, 3/29/16


“HER RADIO” SHOW;  Interview on, 2/11/16