Jump Over Fear

Are you afraid of heights?  I am.

Tall buildings make my stomach roll. But I decided  that I don’t want fear of heights, stage 4 metastatic breast cancer or anything else holding me back from living an abundant life and giving back to the world.

Thus on September 2nd, I went “Over the Edge for the Flynn” which involved rappelling down the tallest building in Vermont (the Courtyard Marriott). My participation would push my limits and at the same time help raise money for the Flynn Performing Arts Center.

The experience is one I will never forget.

 To be honest when I stood at the top, all suited up, I was frozen with fear. My mind raced with all kinds of  scary scenarios.  

I was at a precipice.

Would I let fear rule or could I jump over it?  I stood trembling and then several amazing people stepped up to help me take that leap of faith.

I didn’t want to let myself down or anyone else who’s trying to jump over fear and give back to the world.  I courageously took my first step and then another. At that very moment my dear friend Lynn arranged for Josh Grobans’ song “You Raise Me Up” to be played. I started weeping.

God can raise us up. And we can be His hands and feet.

Rappelling down was one of the most powerful experiences I have ever had in my life. I visualized cancer going down, fear going down and every obstacle I face going down. And most importantly,  I visualized love and victory  rising up.

When I stepped on ground I was overwhelmed.

 Don’t ever give up. Go over the ledge. Step out of your comfort zone.

You are destined to do great things no matter what challenges you face!

Thank you so much to all the angels who helped me down and to  everyone who supported me, prayed for me and came to cheer me on. I love you.


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