Do Not Give Up

 I’ve suffered a lot in my life; bullying, dyslexia, shame, attempted rape, addictions and a devastating Cancer diagnosis, not once, but twice. 

And surprisingly, I wouldn’t trade any of it.

The trials in my life didn’t break me, instead I learned to bend.  They helped me surrender, rise up and discover unconditional love. I received gifts, talents, a strengthened faith and opportunities to give back to this hungry hurting world in ways I never would have acquired without going through the fire. 

There is a God who loves you and is fighting your battles. You may not see it now, but do not cling to defeat. Instead let hope and peace flood your soul.  In time you will see the miraculous ways that God turns water into wine.

Hardships are opportunities to thrive. Stand strong, do not give up.  Practice gratitude, no matter your circumstances.  Blessings and victory are surely coming your way. 

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