Going Over The Edge

A couple of weeks ago, I was approached by a wonderful young man  who asked if I would like to participate in a fundraiser for the Flynn Center for Performing Arts. He continued to tell me that if I raised a minimum of $1,000.00, I would have the opportunity to rappel down one of the tallest building in Vermont-the Marriott Harbor Hotel.  NO!!!, was my immediate reaction. First of all, fundraising is not my gift and I get queasy at the even the thought of looking over a tall building!  Rappelling down 9 stories has never ever ever ever been on my bucket list. But over the weeks, I contemplated his challenge and decided to step out of my comfort zone and go for it. Not only would I be helping my community, but I would be conquering my fears. And in a very important way, showing myself and the world that nothing, not even stage 4 metastatic cancer, was going to defeat me!

SO today, I am rising up and boldly asking people to donate to this incredible organization and I am rising up to face fears.  And as I step over the ledge and rappel down on September 2nd, it will be a metaphor for me that Cancer is going down and giving back is truly the greatest gift!

What about you?  Is there anything holding you back from conquering your fears and giving back!

If there is, I encourage you to step over the ledge and go for it.

xo Karen

Please consider visiting my fundraising page. You will be blessed as you bless me and the Flynn.



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