Empty Nest

As the endless summer parties (not ours, but our boys’)  continue, Peter and I have started to count the days when we will have peace and quiet and a refrigerator with food in it. But as the hours tick and the true reality of it all begins to sink in, I find a pit developing in my stomach.  26 years of our lives have been consumed with boys and parenting; gutting, exhilarating and a blessing beyond measure.

So what do you do when you reach this cross road?

As I see it, we have a choice to either become a puddle or rise up and embrace our new adventure.

It’s all good, part of life and deep down we wouldn’t want it any other way.

Giving back, sharing our gifts, chasing our dreams, blessing the world and doing some super crazy stuff that takes us out of our comfort zones is a great way to overcome and soar.

Thus, on September 2nd, instead of weeping with longing,  I will be rappelling down the highest building in Vermont to raise money for the Flynn Center for Performing Arts.

Even if you are not an empty nester, make sure you take time for yourself. Fill up, follow your passions and be a miracle to someone else.

Check out this great article.


Sending tons of love to all. xo Karen

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