Drop the Labels

I wonder how many opportunities I missed because I wore the negative labels that the bullies in my world placed upon me as a child. The demeaning, soul-sucking labels kept me trapped in the gutter, unable to explore possibilities, or even dream that I mattered in the world. I collected each one until they covered me from head to toe with shame. I let them fester, define me and keep me down. They were with me when I lay my head on the pillow at night, and were the first words that woke me in the morning. Slowly but surely those negative labels drained the life out of me.
It wasn’t until I nearly died from two different diseases that I finally began to realize the massive impact those labels had on my life. They had stolen my joy, my purpose, my worth, my health. It was the “Cancer” label that woke me up and gave me the courage to ask for help. It was there in that broken, vulnerable place that I discovered Gods’ unconditional love. And it made all the difference.
I gained the courage I desperately needed to start throwing off the horrible labels I was wearing. And as the weight of each one was lifted, I began to rise above my limited scope and dream an impossible dream. One in which I actually mattered and was not a loser, stupid, fat, ugly, worthless. Those labels were all lies. Today I stand knowing that I have a mighty purpose on this earth, as we all do,  and that the creator loves me. It was not an overnight transformation and there are still some days when I find myself consciously having to fight against those negative voices. But with practice, determination and God’s all consuming love, I have overcome. And you can too.
Are you wearing a negative label?
If you are, throw off it off right now. Better yet, physically do it. Take a piece of paper and write the label that is holding you back on it. Tell the world—and especially yourself—that you will no longer wear this label. Be conscious, get tough. Then destroy it: crumble it, burn it, tear to pieces, throw it away. And never pick it up again.
Now, like a jigsaw puzzle reword those labels into life giving blessings. And wear them proudly. Allow positive, loving, encouraging words to cling to you, helping you redefine yourself. Today is your day to live your impossible dream, the one where you thrive in joy and abundance, covered with love, using your God-given gifts and sharing them with the world.

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