Dream your impossible dream!

Impossible Dreams are possible. When once again I was told on Mothers Day that I had a new tumor in my sacrum, tumors in my pelvis and that the tumor in my public bone was so big they marveled how I didn’t crack, I knew that God was in control, supernaturally holding me together. Despite the challenges I faced,  I dreamed my impossible dream of keeping my slot on Team USA and racing at the World Aquathlon Championships.


My impossible dream came true on Thursday July 12th. I stood on the shorelines of the Middlefart Marina in Denmark dressed in my Team USA uniform and marveled at it all. God can do more than we can ask or imagine.

I had an incredible race.  I placed 6th overall and was the top American! My body felt amazing. No pain other than the jelly fish stings on my face, lips, hands and feet. We were all stung, it was simply unavoidable. My all too competitive spirit wishes I could have been on the podium, but it was not in Gods plan. Still given everything I have been through in the past two months, its a miracle to even be here. I praise God and know that we are all capable of more than we can ask or imagine. Keep chasing your dreams and don’t give up!!! You are closer than you think.

The best part has been speaking life to others, encouraging the world to know that they are unconditionally loved and that with God all things are possible. Thank you again for your love, prayers, support, everything. I am humbled, grateful and blessed beyond measure

Racing at Worlds in Denmark for Team USA

. xo Karen

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