Declare Victory!

Words change your brain chemistry. You can turn any situation around by declaring a victory report. “My dreams are going to come to pass”; “I may feel sick today, but God is healing me”; “My finances look bleak, but this is only temporary”; “Good things are chasing me down”

Don’t dwell on the negative. Step out in faith and speak positive encourage words. You may not even believe them right now, but that doesn’t matter. Your positive words are changing things for the better.

A few weeks ago the pain in my pubic bone nearly prevented me from walking. I had to pick my left leg up to get it in the car. I could have wallowed in worry. But I made a choice to believe that my situation was going to turn around.  I forced myself to speak good things. I thanked God for ushering cancer out of my body and realigning ligaments and cells so that my body would be stronger than ever.  It’s not always easy, but sitting around complaining only makes things worse. I know because I lived it for years and refuse to go back to those dreary days of despair.

We have a choice. Choose wisely. Seize the day. The best is yet to come!

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