Dare to Believe

October 1st marks the beginning of Breast Cancer Awareness month. Prior to 2008, it didn’t have much significance in my life, but all that changed on March 18th, when the word Cancer entered my world.

Today, 8 years later, I celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness month and all that the Lord has done in my life. The whole jagged, glorious journey has brought me to a place of freedom. I have seen the Glory of the Lord in the land of the living. He is here, at work and pouring out His stored up blessing if only we can open our hearts to receive it all.

To celebrate Breast cancer awareness month, I signed up for the “Pink out the Park” 5k in Colchester. It was my first 5k race since FirstRun on January 1st. I ran that race in pain, not knowing that tumors were growing in my spine and pelvis. The next race, the pump it up 5 miler in Jerricho took me to the ER. I wasn’t able to run a step, just held my back and walked and prayed and cried.

But today was different. Today I stood pain free in front of a crowd of over 100 people, sharing a piece of my journey before the start of the race.  The intimate hugs I shared with friends and strangers planted more seeds of hope and love.  I am seeing first hand the reason for my journey. What a gift!

At the sound of the gun, I took off. I ran without pain, only awe and joy. And I came in first overall women!  It is truly a miracle. I am overwhelmed.

I want everyone to know that we must throw off the limits that we and the world place on ourselves and on God. I am living proof that anything is possible. 4 months ago, I was on a bedpan, unable to move, dress, wash my face or even turn to wipe myself. Now I am running, winning and lifting up daily praises.

God finishes what he started. The tumors in my pelvis are shrinking, solely because of  thousands of prayers lifted in my name and Gods miraculous hand on my life. I am believing that  I will hear the words “Karen you are cancer free”

I’ve heard people tell me, God loves you more. That statement could not be farther from the truth.  God does not play favorites. You are His beloved. He laid down His life for you and He’d do it again in a nano second. Can you let those words sink deep?

It’s decision time regarding chemo. After praying, I sat quietly listening for Gods direction. I didn’t hear anything, just felt peace. Then I opened Jesus calling and saw my answer:

Psalm 27:13-14

“I am still confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Wait for the Lord: be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.”

What a message!  I will courageously wait on the Lord and not do chemo. His Glory will be revealed. And it’s very important for you to know that I am NOT saying that chemo and drugs and surgeries and all that goes along with treating cancer or any disease is a second hand miracle. Anyone who is cured, has received a miracle.

I am simply saying that for ME this time, I must wait on the Lord. I feel it, I know it.  My healing is coming. It takes guts to step off the conveyer belt and trust. God has anointed this path for me so I will walk boldly holding Jesus’s hand, rejoicing in it all.

Please take care of yourself. If something doesn’t sit right, get second opinions and fight. We’d do it for our children and our loved ones, cancer run Oct 2015 we must do it for ourselves. Spend time with your creator. Tune in to His still small whispers. Open your eyes to see golden strands of heaven showering down. Receive His unconditional love and Dare to believe that the best is yet to come.

xoxo Karen Newman


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