Choose a Life of Impact

On October 1, I raced in the Aquathlon National Championships in Austin Texas. Just standing on the start line is a testament to the power of love and the strength of the human spirit. When the gun went off in the run-swim-run event, I gave everything as I chased my dream of once again earning spot on Team USA.

It wasn’t an easy day despite the perfect weather in Austin. But I am use to pushing past challenges like finding my swim goggles full of stones and having to pull up my race belt up throughout the swim because it was falling off.

When I crossed the finish line, utterly spent, I was overwhelmed when they announced that I had placed second in my age-division, earning a spot on Team USA to compete at next years World Aquathlon Championships in Denmark. When they placed the silver medal around my neck, I was filled with awe.  All the months, all the sacrifice, all the prayers, all for this moment. It was perfect timing, the First Day of Breast Cancer Awareness month. The race director knew  gave me the opportunity to share my testimony and in so doing, glorify God. My dream fulfilled. There wasn’t a dry eye.


It’s hard to imagine that just last year I was on a bedpan, immobilized because the breast cancer had spread to the lumbar spine and pelvis. And in June they found a new lesion in the pubic bone.

I refuse to let the devastating news or circumstance steal my joy. I spent way too many years suffering, listening and believing the negative words, and hiding an addiction that nearly killed me.

How about you?

Are you chasing your dream? Are you pushing past the darkness?  Are you willing to fail on your way to success?


It was the diagnosis of advanced breast cancer that helped me break free, dare to be vulnerable and courageously embrace my unlimited potential. It is what pushed me to write the book “Just Three Words”,  begin an inspirational speaking tour and open myself to others in a way that is helping them live victoriously too.  None of it would have happened without first going through the fire.

Challenges push us to higher levels of our destiny. Embrace them as best you can.

Chase your dreams

Discover your worth and choose a life of impact. 




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