Blessings in Disguise

Have you been hit with a tsunami of problems and its only 11 days into the New year?

Don’t worry. Things are going to get better.

I began the New Year with a throat ache and our minivan missing. We “smartly” parked it on the street so the plow could plow our driveway. Apparently that wasn’t so “smart” as there is a city ordinance in Vermont that states that you cannot park your car on a city street after midnight during the winter.

In the short time it took the plow to come and clear our driveway, the police had our minivan towed. No call, no knock, just towed!!! I could not believe it. $130.00 later and I was able to get our minivan out. As I left, I nearly went off the ice covered road just  300 feet away.  I was grateful to not have to pay two towing fees in less than a few hours.

On top of that and just before ringing in the New year, our septic system stop working. Getting to it was nearly impossible as it was put in incorrectly and ice covered everything. The below zero temperatures and strong winds made fixing it even more difficult. The word nightmare comes to mind.

When was the last time you could not use toilets in your home?

We endured for nearly two weeks.

I was so grateful to  be able to fully use the toilet for the first time yesterday.    Still despite the challenge, the time was full of awakening and blessings.

The worker who fixed our system was close to 300 pounds and shared that he was struggling with his weight. He was scared he might not live long enough to watch his 11 year old grow up.

Isn’t it amazing that God brought him to a dietitian. There were many other workers. Any one of them could have been chosen to come to our home. It wasn’t a coincidence. God wanted to heal him. He promoted me to spend time with him and I spoke life and gave direction.

Maybe our septic system clogged so that he could receive the advice needed to change his life. I fully believe that he will watch his son grow up after all.

Have you noticed that when you face a trial of any kind and come out, you appreciate things you took for granted so much more. You look at the world in a different light. You grow. And if you look ever so closely, you will see the blessing in disguise.

xo Karen

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