Blessings and Miracles

These days, with our fast-paced world and our eyes glued to screens of various kinds, we are missing many opportunities to see the blessings and miracles in our lives. And that is sad, because I believe that every day God has a treasure chest of gifts for each of us. God sends things our way to delight us—to show that He loves us by specifically tuning in to my and your particular preferences—at many moments throughout the day. What is it that you love? God speaks to us in many ways. A sunset, a bird chirping, the howling wind, connection with an animal, the scent of roses, a concert, artwork, a book, another’s touch, or a word from a friend. One of mine is through the number 111, which represents the Holy Trinity to me, and which pops into my awareness many times throughout my week at key moments when I need support or confirmation. God knows you intimately. We only need to take notice. So many people tell me that God doesn’t care about them. I beg to differ. Rather, I pose the question: Have you stopped to look?

The other day I was thinking about a four-leaf clover. As a child, they seemed so magical. When I was young, I was so desirous to find one that I’d search at every park, on every path we ambled down. When at last I got tired and lost all hope, I’d pick up a three-leaf clover and split one of the leaves to pretend I found a real four-leaf clover. But I was always caught in my fantasy. And still, into my adult years, I’ve searched but had never found one.
While driving home from Connecticut last week, I had a conversation with God about finding a four-leaf clover. I know it sounds ridiculous, but as my relationship and love for Jesus has grown, so has my desire to talk about everything with God. Even four-leaf clovers. I shared with God that finding one would be a special symbol of His favor.

As I entered Vermont, only thirty miles from home, I errantly pulled over to a rest area. I could have made it home without having to go to the bathroom, but something inside pushed me off the freeway and onto the exit ramp. My first instinct is always to get back on the road as quickly as possible: to dash in, go to the bathroom, and jump back into the car. That day was different. I felt compelled to take the meandering walk on the path behind the Welcome Center. The path wove around several sculptures, which I enjoyed. It was a beautiful evening and I was simply delighting in the beauty that surrounded me. As I paused, right in front of me was the biggest four-leaf clover I could ever imagine seeing! It rose from the earth higher than all the rest of the grass as if God was saying to me, “Here you are Karen. You can’t miss me; you can’t miss how much I love you.” I reached down and plucked it. It was a perfect four-leaf clover. I wept with love.
God cares about everything we care about. And He longs to spend time with us, listening to everything. He sent Jesus, His one and only son, to bring us into relationship with Him. Nothing is off limits. People often say to me “Why are you praying over the computer, a lost earring, the weather? God doesn’t care about that. He only cares about the big things.” Well that is simply NOT true. God cares about everything. EVERYTHING.

God longs to be your best friend and what do we do with a best friend? We share everything with them—from innermost desires, to fears, to silly conversations. Why would we hold back with the Creator of the Universe? Today, I encourage you, if you haven’t already, to start an open, honest, unabridged conversation with God. And then, enter the world with your eyes wide open and be amazed.

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