The Gift of Cancer

The Gift of Cancer


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While I think we can accurately say that no one would put “experience cancer” on their bucket list of wishes for a happy life, I can now look back and with confidence say…THANK YOU.  Cancer gave me the chance to look inside gave me the opportunity to grow and transform and see the world in ways I never imagined.  I have learned that the valleys – as difficult as they may be…as insurmountable as the mountain looks — are in FACT our greatest opportunities to be carried by Jesus….by friends…by people who love you.  And even to be carried by strangers.   The trials in your life enable you to grow and to give back in ways you could not see before ….  Cancer was my great opportunity to reach my NEW uncharted mountaintop…the one that I could NEVER have reached without the journey into the valley.

Can you see the blessings in your hardships?  Can you believe that everything was perfectly orchestrated for you, for a reason?  How does it benefit you to deny it?  Perhaps you want to hold onto anger or a feeling of injustice.  But those serve you far less than the true feeling of being blessed by our experiences, and supported by a loving God.  Feelings of anger and injustice can only add negativity to the stew of life.  We all add our own flavor.  Is the spice you add bitter, or yummy?!  By seeing the magic in everything… all experiences being for our highest good, and everything working toward our growth… you add your own savory acceptance into the stew.  And that can help feed the world with peace.  Do your part!  Believe it, and start finding the blessings!  Then go out and help others with what you have learned.  That is how the flame of love is shared.  Go light someone else’s candle, by being the light in your own life.

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