Amazing Love: Powerful Fathers Day Sermon

Precious Gift

On Fathers Day The Lord blessed me beyond measure by allowing me to give a sermon entitled “Amazing Love”. The link is below. What’s more, I woke to no pain despite the numerous bone and liver mets. I was able to stand and preach with joy and strength that only comes from the Lord. It was supernatural. I give Him all the Glory.

Unfortunately, the following day, I woke to severe pain. Three more days of pain, and chemo and my body began to deteriorate. Extreme nausea took over. Throwing up, life threatening. Fragile bones in the back, ribs, clavicle and more could fracture leaving me paralyzed. As I stood above the toilet with my cane in hand, I was covered in sweat. I cried out to Jesus for  help. And gratefully the foam in my mouth receded and I did not lose it.

A liver detox has helped tremendously and I am back on my supplements, able to drink juices and eat a little which is marvelous.

Each day I see the preciousness of life.

Most of my day is spent lying down on a picnic table looking at the sky through the trees. God has sent marvelous things to enjoy during this time of stillness. I prayed He would send me a hummingbird and wouldn’t you know it, He sent me two.

God loves to give double portions. What are you longing to see? What might bless you? Be bold, specific and ask God to show you His love.

The other day my brother and I had a rich conversation about God and whether he hears our prayers.  I told him that Jesus promises to be with us when we pray. Mathew 18:20 “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them” . God most definitely hears our prayers. With that my brother boldly said a prayer of complete healing for me in Jesus name and asked that God give me a global platform to spread the good news. It was powerful.

Then he questioned “How will I know that Jesus heard me”. I asked him what he liked in Gods creation. He told me he loves hawks, hummingbirds and double rainbows. I told him to lie down on the bench next to me and we wait for a sign. Less than 30 seconds later, a hummingbird came right over his head. It flapped its wings and looked at him and stayed for a minute. It was a miracle. We both had a great cry after that. God is faithful. He hears your prayers. Dare to pray.

Later that day, my brothers  daughter came home with a picture of a double rainbow that she had seen in the sky that day. As I lay on the picnic table again, I saw a hawk. We serve an awesome God. He loves us massively.

Have you gone to Him lately? He is longing to spend time with you, to fill you up, to bless you, to whisper encouragement in the silence.

Step out in joy and embrace your life; the challenges are merely opportunities for new doors of blessing to open.




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