A Triple Portion

Yesterday morning, before I blogged and before I knew that my website was finally fixed, I was feeling a little defeated wondering if I should keep pursing my dream of being a world renounced inspirational speaker.
It is often a lonely road on the way to your dreams. But we can’t give up. The beautiful blessing of yesterday was sitting and praying and surrendering and asking God for a sign; for the encouragement I so desperately needed to let me know that I was indeed on the right path. And right after my prayer, 3 people requested me to be their guest speaker. What a gift! I cried. God didn’t just answer my prayer, he gave me a triple portion!!! That is what our God does when we hold his hand and follow his lead.

Please tune in tomorrow. I will be on http://thelightradio.net/ channel 94.9 FM at 8:00am. Keep pushing through. Pray bold prayers. Don’t give up. Your dreams are just around the corner!

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