A Beacon of Hope

I arrived at Oasis of Hope in Tijuana Mexico at just the right moment.

The Pet scan reveals many bone metastasis, too many to count; fractures in the spine which explains the severe pain and difficulty moving, lymph nodes full of cancer near the lungs and heart ready to penetrate yet they have not, a liver full of cancer and yet God spared one area that has no cancer at all. And we only need 1/6 of our liver to function. I have enough function and the doctors have great hope for me.

I have witnessed and heard many miraculous stories here. People are being healed when they had no chance. There are not enough words to praise the work they are doing here at Oasis of Hope.

Yesterday I had my Dendrite Cancer Vaccine. I am visualizing my immune system waking up and showing cancer the door. I am praying it will be gone forever in Jesus name. Two days ago I received my LAX (Lymphocyte Activated Killer Cell) Injection and while I was praying, two beautiful birds flew and landed on my window and sang the entire time the infusion went into my body. God sent me those birds to give me hope and to remind me that He is walking with me just as He is walking with you through all our trials and triumphs.

I did have an exciting day on Thursday when I fainted after receiving Hyperthermia. My body temp got up to 46 degrees Celsius which around 115 Fahrenheit. This high temperature is wonderful for killing cancer cells but was a bit too much for me.  They quickly carried me to a gurney, started an IV and cut off my clothes. It felt so good to feel the cool air. I have fully recovered and know that many cancer cells are gone. Thank you Jesus. One day at a time, one treatment at a time, one encouraging thought at a time. Our thoughts and prayers can move mountains.

Oasis of Hope is life changing. You feel the love and prayers and hope soaking through the walls. We have worship here nearly every day. Doctors pray for you. We have movie night, bingo, educational programs, cooking classes. It’s amazing.  There have been so many gifts. Today I had the gift of leading worship.

God is opening supernatural doors of blessing.

God is so good.

Miracles really do happen.

There are not enough words to thank you for your support.

God bless you!!!

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